PARENTS - Here's How to Protect Your NEW Driver 
When They Start Driving With You!

The #1 Most Recognized Symbol In All 50 States

Since 2006, Rookie Driver® Brand New Driver Signs and New Driver Magnets Have Helped Recognize New Teen Drivers In All 50 States – The symbols are registered trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, specifically designated to help identify new drivers when they begin driving with their parents on a learners permit.

Drivers Education Classes Typically Provide Your New Teen Driver With Just  6 Hours 
of Actual On-The-Road Driving Experience…..
Then Parents are Personally Responsible for Their New Driver’s 'Real-Life' Drivers Training 

E-Z ON / E-Z OFF Magnets Or Stickers Help Alert Other Drivers

Experts agree that one of the most overlooked components in improving teen driver safety is the use of a standardized symbol that recognizes the new drivers’ car.  New Driver® symbols are the ONLY Registered Trademark Symbols issued by the U.S. Trademark Office to Nationally Recognize New Teen Drivers.

Since 2006,  Rookie Driver® products have been nationally recognized in all 50 states for provisionally licensed new teen drivers accompanied by their parents during the Graduated Licensing period.  Thousands of parents nationwide use the New Driver® symbols to help alert other drivers of their teen’s new driver status. 

Leave Nothing To Chance
Today’s roads are filled with overly-aggressive drivers who DON’T HAVE A CLUE that your inexperienced new teen driver is behind the wheel, with YOU sitting next to them.  And these aggressive drivers need to quickly recognize that your novice teen driver is behind the wheel with you in order to give your new driver a little extra space and patience.  With an  ‘unmarked’ vehicle you could be  more likely to have an accident. 

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Preferred by Teen Drivers
The New Driver® signs were created by teen drivers, so they are much more accepting of it than they are of student driver signs.  Student driver magnets make your teen feel like they are still in drivers training with the teacher. The New Driver® signs instantly identifies your teen driver during their most inexperienced driving period since driving without the certified drivers training teacher….while driving with YOU! 

Staggering Statistics
Teen driving statistics show that over 1 MILLION teens are involved in auto crashes every year in the United States. 
9 out of 10 teen deaths are caused by car accidents. 
One of the leading factors is simply lack of driving experience. 
15 and 16-year-olds have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age. 

New Driver® car magnets provide an inexpensive reliable solution for concerned parents of new drivers everywhere. 
Immediately & Nationally Recognized since 2006 
The #1 Choice by Teen Drivers 
Distributed Nationwide 
Effortless to apply and easily removable 
                                                                                                                                     Click Here to Learn More about New Driver Signs & Magnets >>

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